The Committee


The general co-ordination of all activities of Nightline, effective chairing of committee meetings, establishing and maintaining communication links with other organisations and reviewing all other committee members.


Information Officer
Managing the accessibility and reliability of all information kept for the provision of Essex Nightline, and overseeing the running of the Nightline information service. Compiling, maintaining and providing relevant information on all University of Essex campuses for use of Essex Nightline services. Also responsible for reviewing and collating feedback from volunteers and callers, as well as maintaining the Nightline website.


Operations Officer
Responsible for the welfare of all volunteers within the Operations Group, acting as an effective liaison between the committee and the volunteer cohort. Helps encourage the development and growth of volunteers. Organises socials within the group. The Operations Group Leader assists and works closely with the Operations Officer in helping to ensure the smooth running of the Nightline service.


Fundraising Group Leader
Overseeing stalls that provide vital funds to continue running the Nightline service. Works closely with publicity officer to help show Nightline’s presence on campus


Training Officer
Training old and new volunteers, preparing training texts to assist with this process and ensuring the highest standards of performance for Essex Nightline and all members. Organizing and preparing training events for Nightline volunteers and Nightline Executives.


Personnel Officer
Responsible for mainly ensuring that the Nightline service is at all times staffed and operational, and when required, for contacting the general membership, via the Group Leaders in order to ensure that this is achieved. Responsible for overseeing the Nightline Rota and recruitment. A main point of contact for volunteers and those interested in the service.


Media Officer
Responsible for managing all social media related to the Nightline service. Make sure to follow us on Twitter!


Alumni Officer

Responsible for advising successive Nightline committees. The alumni adviser has a wealth of knowledge related to the service and helps guide evolving Nightline Policy.