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Who is Essex Nightline for?

Essex Nightline and its services are available to current students of the University of Essex. This includes part-time, mature, exchange, placement year and postgraduate students studying at any of our campuses.

What should I contact Nightline for?

People contact Nightline for a variety of reasons: whether you want to talk about something that has affected you, discuss problems you may be having in your life, or if you simply need information such as taxi numbers or how to contact the Residents’ Support Network. No problem is too big or too small to discuss, and visits, call and emails can be as long or as short as you wish. You can even just pop in and have some tea, toast, and a nice chat

Is Nightline confidential/anonymous?

Yes. Nightline revolves around the principals of anonymity and confidentiality. Anything you say or do is confidential within the service: no details of any discussions you have with Nightline will be recorded or shared, and you are under no obligation to give away any personal details about yourself when you call us.

We do keep anonymised statistics in order to help us improve our service. These include the number of calls we get, the gender distribution of our callers, and the frequency that our services are used. No personally identifiable information is kept or recorded in these statistics.

Is Nightline affiliated with other organisations?

Our Nightline is an affiliate of the Nightline Association which, while not directly involved in the running of Essex Nightline, enables us to improve our service by collaborating with other Nightline services across the country.

We are independently managed, organised and run, although we do receive some funding from the University’s Student Support department in order for us to maintain a good quality service throughout the year.

All outside organisations that we may signpost via our Infoline service are not affiliated with us in any way, and we cannot take responsibility for any advice or information these services may provide.

Is Nightline an advice/counselling service?

Nightline is a listening service – we won’t tell you what to do, but will instead help you to come to your own conclusions and make your own decisions. We can also give you the details of other services which we feel might be able to help you further.

Details of the University’s counselling service can be found here.

What can I do if I am locked out of my room?

If you have locked yourself out of your room on campus accommodation, then the Information Centre located on Square 3 will be able to let you into your flat. You can call them on 01206 872125. If you cannot do this or don’t live on campus, you may also come and stay in a bed for the night in Nightline.

Can Nightline provide the morning after pill?

Unfortunately, Nightline is not able to supply the emergency contraceptive pill. However, other local services may be able to help.

  • Emergency contraception is available from the Health Centre – Please contact your GP to make an appointment. Tel: 01206 794484
  • The Colchester Walk-In Centre is open 365 days a year, from 7AM to 10PM everyday including weekends and bank holidays. No appointment is necessary, however, patients may be required to pay for the emergency contraception.
  • The morning after pill can also be purchased in boots pharmacies. There is one in Greenstead and one in Colchester.
Boots Greenstead
Tel: 01206 860837
Address: St. Edmunds Centre, Tamarisk Way, Greenstead, Colchester, CO4 3GW
Boots Colchester Town
Tel: 01206 577303
Address: 4-6 Lion Walk, Colchester, Essex, CO1 1LX

I live in halls and have a noise complaint. Who can I contact?

If you have a noise complaint or are unhappy with some aspect of your accommodation experience, you can contact the Residents’ Support Network, 5pm to 9am on weekdays and at anytime during the weekend.
For North Campus: contact 01206 874400
For South Campus: contact 01206 874600
For The Quays: contact 01206 874500
For The Meadows: contact 07766 998634

For other queries or concerns you may have about your accommodation, the Accommodation Office should be able to help – office times vary based on where you are staying.

How do I hire out a campbed?

You can hire out a camp bed for two nights by visiting the Nightline flat, located at the back of Keynes Tower from 10pm – 8am. The cost to hire the camp bed is £1.00 for two nights and an extra £0.50p for a blanket. You will need to leave some form of ID as a deposit (like your registration card, passport or driving license).

Is Nightline first aid trained?

Nightline volunteers do have basic first aid knowledge. If you or someone you are with on campus is seriously injured or unwell and requires an ambulance, or if you are unable to get to the Nightline flat, please contact the Information Centre on 01206 872125. If you live off campus and require urgent medical attention, please call 999.

How can I get involved in Nightline?

Nightline is a student run service that relies on trained volunteers. If you’d like to get involved, details of how to become a volunteer can be found on our volunteering page.